The Public Library Community Planning Insights Tool is part of the implementation of Forward: Scotland’s Public Library Strategy 2021-2025. One of the key foundations of the Strategy focuses on data driven service improvement. This online dashboard brings together relevant data assets which support the planning and delivery of public library services across Scotland. It is driven by the desire to reach those most in need and evidence varied outcomes.

The data interface draws upon existing open data and can be used to plan local library service delivery. Intuitive & adaptable, the Community Planning Insights Tool allows libraries to obtain demographic information about their communities and map their own data across this to demonstrate reach and identify gaps. 

This collaborative action to 'develop a national community planning data set for libraries' sits within the PLACE section of Forward and under the strategic aim 2.2: Design library services which reach the heart of communities and engage with new audiences. 

The tool remains a work in progress as more data is continually added to the dashboard. This may lead to some datasets being incomplete and sections of the dashboard being under development at this stage. For more information on the development of the site please contact  

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