Libraries will support people and communities to reach their full potential and celebrate the unique skill set of staff. 

Strategic Aim 1.1
Embed libraries as lead contributors to reading and literacy by closing the learning gab in communities, through national programmes and local initiatives. 

Libraries support the aspiration that Scotland is a reading nation. Reading and literacy are the beating heart of library services. Not only do libraries support early and family learning, school readiness and attainment across the 5-18 curriculum; they provide support for individuals to return to learning throughout their lives. Libraries will continue to create and innovate across the learning offer to attract new audiences and further enrich the experience of current participants.

Strategic Aim 1.2
Improve wellbeing and support post COVID-19 recovery with programmes which target health, economic growth, and strengthen communities. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the links between health, mental wellbeing, and economic stability. The local placement and variety of services accessible through public libraries offer a unique combination to provide holistic support to individuals. Libraries will continue to grow the health offer and further develop employability and business support services.

Strategic Aim 1.3
Encourage active citizenship through access to trusted, accurate information which empowers communities to make informed decisions. 

Public libraries are an important communal space for conversation and debate. Self-directed learning has always been at the core of the public library offer, but as the mechanics of learning have moved beyond print, the role of libraries as curators of the vast array of information sources has been amplified. Evolution of this offer will help communities make informed decisions. Libraries will open access to and build trust in public data to increase participation in the democratic process.

Strategic Aim 1.4
Equip library staff with the skills to deliver a progressive library service and nurture leaders at all levels.

Public library staff are a vital asset and integral part of library services. The delivery and development of vibrant library services will depend on investment in skills and leadership. With this investment, library services will attract and retain a talented workforce with attractive career pathways.

Strategic Aim 1.5
Reflect the rich and diverse communities in both library resources and programming to make them accessible to all. 

Viewed as a societal leveller, public libraries provide access to services free at the point of entry to all. Public libraries will address universal barriers - physical, financial, and cultural - to ensure equity of access. Inclusive service including stock and recruitment policies, will ensure that individuals and communities feel represented in collections and programming.

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