National partners have come together to refresh the original 2019 Collective Force for Health and Wellbeing Plan. The resulting Action Plan gives libraries a strong vision, guidance and support to respond to the changing priorities resulting from COVID.

The Scottish Library and Information Council was a leading partner in the Collective Force for Health & Wellbeing Action Plan Refresh alongside the ALLIANCE, the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI), and the Scottish Government Self Management and Health Literacy team. Public Health Scotland, NHS 24, COSLA, and NHS Education for Scotland have also contributed to the plan and supports its implementation.

The Collective Force for Health & Wellbeing Action Plan Refresh lays foundations for a cross-sectoral national network that will enable more resilient, healthier communities to emerge following the COVID pandemic.

It will establish libraries as the go-to place in their communities for: 
  • Trusted health and wellbeing information, in digital and other media
  • Digital, information and health literacy skills and access
  • Facilitated reading and storytelling for personal growth and therapeutic support
  • Social interaction and empathic help and support – both face-to-face and digital 

It will support the movement to a health and wellbeing service model co-designed with citizens, with a focus on self-management and preventing ill-health.

Information for Wellbeing Course

As part of this process a new Information for Wellbeing Course has been created and is available to all library and third sector staff. The blended learning course consolidates learning through inbuilt quizzes, workbooks for self-reflection and discussion in facilitated groups. It supports self-directed learning and encourages networks of libraries and third sector staff to come together in facilitated learning sessions – using the workbook exercises to share experiences and explore collaboration.

The Course is a partnership initiative between the Scottish Library and Information Council, the ALLIANCE and the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre. Staff can access the course on the Information for Wellbeing Course website as well as through the SLIC Learning Platform

Download The Action Plan Refresh

Collective Force for Health & Wellbeing Refresh