'Scottish libraries are social spaces, physical and virtual, where people learn, share, participate and create; where everyone is equal and everyone is welcome; and where improving our shared wellbeing is at the heart of the service'.


This Toolkit was developed in October 2021 by the Association of Public Libraries in Scotland (APLS) with support from SLIC to help public library services promote the contribution libraries make to wellbeing.

Four aspects of wellbeing are considered: social, cultural, economic and health. Public libraries contribute to all aspects of wellbeing as part of their daily activities and services. The resources in this Toolkit can be used with different audiences including library staff, customers and potential customers, the public, stakeholders, elected members, partner organisations.   

The Wellbeing & Scottish Public Libraries Toolkit contains:
  • Statement about libraries and wellbeing (see above).
  • Set of seven slides (as infographics) with key messages, facts and quotes from library users.
  • Supporting document (briefing) which expands on the facts and research behind libraries and wellbeing.
  • Video of the seven slides.
  • Presentation of the seven slides.


The APLS working group which worked on the Toolkit would be interested to hear feedback on this resource, with a view to reviewing how it is being used and to identify any improvements.

If you want to give feedback by email we would be grateful if you could contact the APLS Secretary Alison McAllister.

Supporting Document

Wellbeing and Scottish public Libraries Supporting narrative

This supporting document provides more detail behind the facts and figures of the infographics. 


Wellbeing and Scottish public Libraries Presentation

The seven slides of the Wellbeing and Scottish Public Libraries Toolkit as a Powerpoint presentation.

PDF Slides

Wellbeing and Scottish public Libraries PDF Slides

The seven slides of the Wellbeing and Scottish public Libraries Toolkit in PDF format. 

Slide 1

Slide 1 of Tooolkit

Slide 2

Slide 2 of Toolkit

Slide 3

Slide 3 of Toolkit

Slide 4

Slide 4 of Toolkit

Slide 5

Slide 5 of Toolkit

Slide 6

Slide 6 of Toolkit

Slide 7

Slide 7 of Toolkit

Wellbeing & Scottish Public Libraries Toolkit Video