Thank you for your interest in the Innovation and Development Fund.


Applications have now closed. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered. If you have any queries regarding the fund you can email

A. Project Title
B. Applicant Details
This will be the main contact for the project.
C. Project Summary

What is the main aim of your project?
Please provide a brief summary of your project, cearly linking to the strategic priorities identified previously (around 250 words).
D. Project Partners

Section 1: Organisation
Enter the details of the project team inserting additional rows as required:
Project Role Name Job Title Email
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Section 2: Background
The background information may include factors specific to your service such as previous work, existing resources or staff expertise that may be relevant to this project. You may also wish to include details of relevant policies, research or good practice elsewhere which supports your application. 300 words
Section 3: Project Details
Use this section to provide a detailed outline of the proposed project. Make sure you cover all activities included within your project, with details of how these will be delivered and how they meet key aims. A clear rationale for the outlined approach also needs to be provided. 700 words
Section 4: Project Outcomes
Include details of the tangible outputs or actions resulting from project activity, as well as the outcomes arising from these (i.e project targets reached). 700 words
Section 5: Project Impact
Provide details of the impact your project will have, ensuring it is clearly linked to SLIC’s strategic priorities. If your application relates to one or more of this year's funding priorities (outlined in the Guidance for Applicants), please give details. Outline the approach you will adopt in evaluating the success of the project. Please include success criteria and a statement on how performance against these will be measured. 300 words
Indicate how the project contributes to service development – how will the project enhance the core offer of your libraries? The impact on staff development and professional practice should also be outlined in this section. 300 words
Outline the potential benefits your project could have in supporting library service development across Scotland. You may wish to consider the potential for scaling up your project for wider application, as well as the value of sharing your experiences and lessons learned with the wider library community. 300 words
Section 6: Project Plan
Insert additional rows as required
Milestone Output Date
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Section 7: Project Management
Provide details of the structures and mechanisms that will be put in place to manage the project. You may wish to refer to the different roles and responsibilities outlined in Section 1 of the application. 300 words
What standards will be considered when planning the project?
Section 8: Finance
Activity Anticipated date of expenditure Cost from IDF fund Cost from other budget Total cost
Totals: £ £ £
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Section 9: Sustainability
Section 10: Risk Management
Identify the main risks for your project and assign each a level of risk associated with the likelihood of this factor occurring. Note the potential impact of each risk in the ‘Impact’ column and indicate the level of impact this factor could have on potential project outcomes. High risk factors for your project need to be clearly indicated.  Use the ‘Action to manage risk’ column to provide details of the arrangements in place and potential workarounds that would apply in the event of these risks being realised.
Risk Likelihood Impact Action to manage risk
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Section 11: Service Overview
Please provide details of any significant changes to service provision within your library service in the last three years, and any impending changes that your organisation has planned. 300 words
Section 12: Project Dates

Section 13: Dissemination

SLIC will disseminate reports from your project through its website. SLIC may also request a follow-up report about the impact of your project between 12 and 24 months after the funding period. You may also be asked to provide details of any; publications, websites, mailing lists, seminars or conferences where you have presented details of your project.

Section 14: Declaration

I believe that the project is achievable within the given time and cost constraints, and with the available resources.

Head of Library Service or equivalent
Line Manager of Head of Library Service/Director of Finance or equivalent