All successful Public Library Improvement Fund applicants need to submit a Final Report Form by the date specified in Offer Letters.

You can complete the report below or alternatively download the PLIF Final Report Form and email the completed report to

If you opt to complete the report online, you can save your form as you go and your details will be emailed to the address supplied. If you have any questions about the Final Report Form please email

*Please note that the form below will only work if you complete it using the same device and internet browser throughout the process. If you are saving the document, please use the same device and browser to open it up later. This is part of a security feature designed to keep the information you submit safe.

Project Details

Project Manager contact details

Please refer to your PLIF application and explain how your project achieved its aims and objectives, and the methods you used to measure the success of your project.
Were there any differences between what you intended to do and what you did? Please provide the reasons why and how you addressed this. What would you do differently in future?
Milestone Date
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Please also provide evidence of your expenditure, such as copies of invoices or statements.
Please list expenditure Item Cost
Totals: £
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PLIF Grant Awarded Spent
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How do you intend to sustain the benefits of your activities? Has the project opened up new opportunities for your service?
Please provide any other relevant information or feedback

The information provided in this final report is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Project Manager
Head of Library Service or equivalent