The Advisory Group

The School Library Strategy National Advisory Group was formed during the early stages in the development of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools. Chaired by Martina McChrystal, Director of Library Services at the University of Glasgow, the group was made up of representatives from organisations across the education sector. It consisted of a combination of leads and key stakeholders who met regularly to discuss progress and the plan for implementation.

To assist with the development of the strategy, five thematic working groups were arranged to carry out further site visits and research. These represented the five strategic themes of the strategy.

The Five Strategic Aims

Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools set out five key strategic aims. Each aim is linked to the national outcomes and indicators outlined in the Scottish Government's National Improvement Framework, and their priorities for Scottish education.

School libraries in Scotland areĀ a key resource and are central to the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, develop pupil skills for the world of work, and encourage learning that will stay with pupils throughout their lives.
School libraries in Scotland use digital technology to deliver high quality and efficient digital learning experiences for young people, enabling access to information and creative opportunities.
School libraries in Scotland are central to education for all ages, develop a culture of reading for pleasure, offer literacy and numeracy support from Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) settings through to primary and secondary schools, and enable opportunities for family learning.
School libraries in Scotland contribute to health literacy, social and mental wellbeing, and provide a safe, trusted space for children and young people to be nurtured.
School libraries in Scotland are essential to closing the attainment gap in schools, support all curriculum area, are well-supported by the school management team and operate under a successful working model.