Apply to the School Library Improvement Fund

The School Library Improvement Fund is currently closed. Once the Fund opens you can apply by downloading the application form on this page and liaising with your Local Authority Key Contact.

Every Local Authority in Scotland has identified a Key Contact to help school libraries apply to the Fund. Your Key Contact is unlikely to be your Headteacher but could be the Head of Public Libraries, an Education Manager or a Quality Improvement Officer (QIO). You can find out who they are by getting in touch with your local authority.

You must liaise with your Key Contact before the submission deadline as they will look over your application and help you with the funding process. The Key Contact decides which applications will be submitted to SLIC for consideration. Unfortunately SLIC cannot accept late or unsigned applications, or those which are not submitted through the Key Contact.

More information on the application process will be published when the Fund opens. In the meantime you can learn more about the Fund by visiting the School Library Improvement Fund main page or the FAQ page