Lend & Mend Hub in action

Nine Scottish Public Library Services provide free access to equipment to repair, reuse, and upcycle everyday items through Lend & Mend Hubs.

The innovative project is managed by the Scottish Library and Information Council and funded by the John Lewis Circular Future Fund.

Library services in key areas throughout the country are taking part in the pilot project, which is leading the way in developing a long-term model for circular economy activities.

The selected services offer free access for everyone to keep items in use for longer, rather than being thrown away.

The Lend & Mend Hubs make up a 'network' of sustainable, circular Hubs throughout Scotland, helping to tacke the cost-of-living crisis.


Lend & Mend Hub Locations

Lend & Mend LogoThe following Scottish public libraries currently have Lend & Mend Hubs set up within their service. For more information on the individual Hubs please follow the links below. You can also follow the progress of individual Hubs on the Lend & Mend Facebook page.

Tailoring to Community Needs

The Hubs have been developed using a co-design approach, with input from both local library members and service teams to ensure services are tailored to community needs. Funding granted from the John Lewis Partnership's £1m Circular Future Fund has been used to deliver space upgrades, equipment and training needed for the project.

Over the course of the next year each Lend & Mend Hub will introduce an education programme to support new skills development, helping to reduce inequality through equitable access to resources.