SLIC’s Wikimedian in Residence aims to advance Open Knowledge objectives in Scotland’s public libraries. The focus of the project is to improve the contribution libraries make to the digital landscape and widen access to the rich content stored by libraries. 

Aims & Objectives

Over the coming months library staff throughout Scotland are being trained to create and edit articles for Wikipedia. Content creation workshops, also known as editathons, will be held to encourage staff and library users to engage with Wikipedia. Our first editation is due to take place on Friday October 6th at Edinburgh Central Library.

The initial focus will be on Scotland’s culture & heritage – with content being created on local history matters and biographies. In addition, there is an emphasis on notable Scottish women who are under-represented in general across Wikipedia content. This makes a significant contribution towards promoting culture and creativity as part of Strategic Aim 5 of Ambition & opportunity: A Strategy for Public Libraries in Scotland 2015 - 2020

Editathons are tailored to local circumstances but also factor in wider cultural developments such as the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.

The project will build upon the range of digital skills public libraries already offer and will open up the benefits of the internet to a wider audience. This supports the delivery of Strategic Aim 2: Digital Inclusion of Ambition & Opportunity: A Strategy for Public Library in Scotland 2015-2020

Ultimately the Wikimedian project will help to widen access to the vast collections of high quality information held in Scotland’s public libraries.

Project Funding

The Wikimedian in Residence project was proposed by Inverclyde Libraries in partnership with Culture NL Libraries. It is funded through the Public Library Improvement Fund (PLIF), which is administered by SLIC on behalf of the Scottish Government.  

Phase 1: August 2017 – January 2018

The first phase of the Wikimedian project focuses on establishing public libraries as quality content creators in the digital sphere. This will be achieved by supporting library staff and users to engage in Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

During this time SLIC will:

  • Engage with key stakeholder groups
  • Train Phase 1 partners
  • Conduct a public library audit
  • Host at least one editathon
Phase 2: January 2018 Onwards

During this phase, the project will be expanded. This will include developing the training provision for partners and hosting more editathons to encourage learning and participation.