'School libraries in Scotland are a key resource and are central to the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, develop pupil skills for the world of work, and encourage learning that will stay with pupils throughout their lives.'

Proactive and appropriate school library services have a key role to play in improving the learner journey for Scotland’s children and young people throughout education.

In line with Getting it Right For Every Child, the school library service should be child focused, ensuring the child and the family are at the centre of decision-making. It should centre on the wellbeing of the child, tackling need early, offering the right help at the right time from the right people, and should be built on joint-working.

Involving children and young people and families in defining the school library service will ensure that it meets their needs. It is important to recognise that each child, school and local authority is different, with differing priorities that should be met by each local school library service.

Headteachers should decide how their school library service will be delivered to all pupils and should ensure this is understood by pupils, practitioners and parents.

A School Library Improvement Fund project from 2021