Strategic Aim 1 states:

"School Libraries in Scotland are a key resource and are central to the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, develop pupil skills for the world of work, and encourage learning that will stay with pupils throughout their lives." 
BBC Educational Resources
Digitally assign textbook pages
Live cameras at the zoo
Award winning #GSAAtHome initiative
Free teaching videos
Virtual tours around the world
Digital culture & history resources
Create customised lessons


BBC Teach & BBC Learn have lots of different resources for different subjects and all school levels. 

Below you can explore the various BBC resources.

  • BBC Bitesize - Learn and revise in stages - devised to make learning fun and interactive.
  • BBC Teach - A free resource which is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age group and subject.

Copyright Licencing Agency

The Education Platform from the Copyright Licensing Agency allows teachers to digitally assign pages of text books the school currently has in stock. Teachers can simply send an email link to pupils.

Copyright restrictions are the same as photocopying, but a really useful resource as you don’t have to sign students up to the platform.

Edinburgh Zoo

Animal Lovers will really appreciate the live zoo cams which Edinburgh Zoo operate. With cameras dotted around the whole park its possible to catch a glimpse of animals like pandas, tigers and koalas from the comfort of home. 

Glasgow Science Centre

The Glasgow Science Centre award-winning initiative #GSAAtHome aims to bring a bit of science into the home every day. 

The lessons cover various themes and are fun and inspirational to watch.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy offers a good selection of teaching videos which can be accessed for free.

Museum Virtual Tours

There are plenty of museums around the world which offer virtual tours including the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Louvre in Paris.


SCRAN provides educational access to digital materials representing culture and history. It hosts images, movies and sounds from museums, galleries, archives and the media. It is one of the largest educational online services in the UK supporting thousands of schools, libraries, colleges and universities.

Ted Ed

With TED-Ed you can create customised lessons, videos and animations. As well as adding interactive questions and discussion topics you can also track the results of the lessons you share online with students.