Strategic Aim 4 states:


"School Libraries in Scotland contribute to health literacy, social and mental wellbeing, and provide a safe, trusted space for children and young people to be nurtured."


The list of resources below relate to health and wellbeing

Aye Mind works in collaboration with young people and workers to bring together a range of positive digital resources and methods for widespread use. It ties in with the Digital for Youth Wellbeing section of the strategy.



Cosmic Kids Yoga provides yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for children aged three and upwards. It is used in homes and schools all over the world.


The Salvesen Mindroom Centre helps those who are supporting children and young people living with learning difficulties and additional support needs. The centre provides a range of practical and emotional support as well as a comprehensive range of resources and information.


Stop Breathe Think helps children discover the power of quiet, focus and peaceful sleep. You can download the app so that you can check in with how you're feeling anywhere.


Young Minds gives suggestions on how to support your children through the coronavirus pandemic. It has tips and advice on positive activities you can do with your child to help reassure them and reduce anxiety levels.


Young Scot have compiled a comprehensive and extensive database to support young people during the coronavirus pandemic. Their website includes information on keeping safe online, handwashing and helping children with upsetting news.