Below you will find a list of general resources for School Librarians during the coronavirus pandemic. These relate well to Vibrant Lbiraries, Thriving Schools: Scotland's National Strategy for School Libraries

The resources include advice from the Scottish Government and Continuing Personal Development tools you can use while social distancing is in place.

On the CILIPS website you will find a comprehensive list of resources covering areas such as Continuing Personal Development (CPD) and health & wellbeing.



The National Parent Forum of Scotland has put together a list of resources from a variety of organisations which may be of help to families at home.



On the School Library Association website you will find a list of resources specifically suited to learning and working from home.


The Scottish Government issued guidance to support pupils, parents and teachers in Term 4 following on from school closures in March.

The document has been prepared by both the Scottish Government and Education Scotland, with helpful advice and input from COSLA, Solace, ADES and professional associations. It gives an overview of the shared expectations at a national and local level of what we will all do to support children and young people in Scotland.