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Authorfy offers free interactive video masterclasses as well as fun downloadable activities and resources.

New resources are added every week including authors talking about their ideas and inspirations, book extracts and classroom activities.

Climate Change

A list of climate change resources examining what causes climate change and what the effects will be. 

  • Action Aid Resources examining why and how changing weather patterns are disrupting the lives of communities around the world.
  • BBC Bitesize Higher Revision for Higher students
  • BBC Bitesize Nat 5 Revision for National 5 students
  • British Council A comprehensive list of educational classroom resources to help students act now to protect the planet.
  • Geographical Association What is the evidence for climate change? What causes it and what is the impact? A good summary on the main points can be found here. 
  • Met Office Resources looking at the specific effects climate change will bring.
  • NASA What causes climate change? Nasa have put together a bank of resources designed to help answer questions surrounding the causes and effects of climate change as well as the solutions.  
  • National Geographic A resource library which includes both articles and videos. 
  • Our Planet A  spectacular documentary on the effects of climate change. 
  • WWF A range of curriculum linked resources for the classroom to help pupils explore the issues of climate change. 


The BBC provides lots of online resources for children and young people covering a wide variety of topics and levels. Below is a selection of some of the resources available. 

  • Learn at BBC Scotland
    Here you can find lots of resources covering areas such as literacy, maths and science.
  • BBC Bitesize 
    This website provides daily content which is designed to support your child's education and wellbeing.
  • BBC Projects
    Inspire children and young people with a new project. On this BBC website you can access information on projects such as funding out about your dream job, becoming a young reporter and digital media workshops.

Book Trust

Book Trust

BookTrust offers a wide range of online resources, support and guidance to to encourage every child to develop a reading habit. Resources are also arranged in age order to make choosing activities easier. 

British Library

With the British Library you can explore the world of children's books, learning about stories, poems and illustrations that have been created over centuries.

Their website has a range of activities and resources for different age groups including making your own superhero or pop-up book.  

Children's Poetry Archive

The Children's Poetry Archive aims to equip and inspire. The website is full of tools, strategies and ideas. Resources include structured lessons and curated collections to help provide new and exciting ways of exploring poetry.  

Code Clubs

Code Clubs offer children the opportunity to learn coding language at an early age. Many Scottish public library services run local Code Clubs on a weekly basis. You can find out details of Code Clubs in public libraries by contacting your local Scottish Public Library Service

Online resources are also available to help children create games, stories and animations. You can discover more by visiting the websites below. 

Cyber Resilience & Internet Safety

Child protection charity Stop It Now! Scotland has a guide for parents and carers on cyber resilience and internet safety. It can be used to support children of any age but has a particular focus on the cyber resilience of teenagers.

Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation provides a wide range of resources to support global learning in schools throughout the world. This includes lesson plans, films, activities and games suitable for children of all ages.

Glasgow Science Centre

The Glasgow Science Centre's award winning #GSAAtHome videos aim to inspire kids and have fun.

The lessons cover various themes like space travel and the human body. You can also watch on various different social media platforms. 


Broaden horizons with NASA Kids - a resource rich website which has stories, facts, games and lots of downloadable activities.

National Library of Scotland

Discover, explore and learn with the National Library of Scotland's Learning Zone. The website covers everything from literature and creativity to science and technology, politics and exploration.

Parent Club

The Scottish Government's Parent Club website has developed a handy online directory which gives details of helpful organisations who provide advice and support to families in Scotland.

Scottish Book Trust

The Scottish Book Trust gives children and young people the chance to watch authors read extracts from their books through their Authors Live initiative. They have pages of Authors Live events to choose from.


Sumdog provides engaging and personalised maths and spelling practice. Aimed at children between five and 14-years-old, you can access resources and multi-player games which are aligned to all major curricula.


Tuntimo is the home of children’s Black history and has been designed for children aged between five and 11-years-old. It contains a range of information and resources about notable Black figures and periods that have made history.

World Book Day

The World Book Day website features a range of reading resources for various different age groups. You can also access a number of Share A Story videos.