Fun Palaces Scotland is a not-for-profit organisation which supports local people to co-create their own cultural and community events. It is a year-round campaign which culminates in a weekend long celebration held every year during the first weekend in October. During this weekend, libraries can host free 'Fun Palaces' events and activities for, with and by communities. 

So far over 2000 Fun Palaces have been made across the world including library 'take-overs' and hyperlocal connections on doorsteps and gardens. In addition, Fun Palaces Scotland TV supports small but meaningful ways to connect with others both offline and digitally. 

Since 2019 the Scottish Library and Information Council has hosted a Fun Palaces Scotland Ambassador to help libraries throughout Scotland organise and get involved in Fun Palaces events.

The Fun Palace Scotland Challenge

This year Scottish libraries can take part in a Fun Palace Challenge, encouraging local communities to take action on the themes of climate action, equity, pay, and health & wellbeing. Communities can get involved and share their Challenges on social media.

Below you will find links to all the library services taking part in the 2021 #FPChallenge

Dumfries & Galloway Fun Palace 2021

Dundee Libraries Fun Palace

Edinburgh Libraries Fun Palace 2021

Elgin Academy Library Fun Palace 2021

Glasgow Libraries Fun Palace 2021

Inverclyde Fun Palace 2021

Midlothian Libraries Fun Palace 2021

North Ayrshire Libraries

Stirling Libraries Fun Palace 2021

Western Isles Libraries

Fun Palaces TV

Fun Palaces TV gives libraries across Scotland the opportunity to connect with other makers and communities digitally. These are short 5-10 minute live interviews which take place over the weekend which are livestreamed on the Fun Palaces Scotland twitter and Facebook accounts. 

The short interviews encourage members of the community from all over the country to try something new. There is no need to register as you can watch all the interviews via social media. 


Watch last year's Fun Palaces TV for more insight into how they can encourage community participation.