The School Library Improvement Fund (SLIF) was established in 2017 and supports pioneering school library projects throughout  Scotland. It is available to all state run nurseries, primary and secondary schools. 

The fourth round of SLIF closed in September 2019 with £272,000 being distributed between 34 school library projects. All projects were assessed to meet the aims of Scotland’s national school library strategy, Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools

The successful projects included storytelling sessions, the promotion of postive mental health, book clubs for parents and promoting reading for pleasure.

You can find out more about individual awards below. You can also find out how to apply and read of list of frequently asked questions about the fund.
SLIF 2019 Collaborative school Library Projects

Ellon Academy & Peterhead Academy

Award: £15,349

This project aims to establish school newspapers and internet radio stations across two Aberdeenshire Secondary Schools - Ellon Academy and Peterhead Academy. Working closely with the National Union of Journalists, the schools will develop the skills and knowledge of teachers and librarians to support new curricular courses and the setting up of extra-curricular News Groups in both schools.

The Media Skills project supports strategic aims 1,2 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018 - 2023.

Voice it Out!: Lornshill Academy

Award: £3500

Voice it Out! introduces performance poetry to pupils at Lornshill Academy, promoting literacy, wellbeing and family learning. It supports strategic aim 2, 3 and 4 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018- 2023.

The project will inspire creativity while improving self-confidence and raising literacy levels in pupils. It will see the school library become a place in the school where pupils have their thoughts and voices heard in a creative way.

Glasgow Schools

Award: £16,860

Words That Burn will work with Amnesty International UK to enable young people to explore human rights creativity through poetry. The project will work with pupils from 12 schools across Glasgow and collaborate with local poets to create their own work related to the project's themes. The scheme supports strategic aims 1,2, and 3 of the National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018 - 2023.

The project will build up to celebratory poetry slams held at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. 


Family Learning Cafe: Sandwood Primary & Sandwood LCR

Award: £11,500

The focus of this project is to develop family learning and engagement - creating an area within the school library to support families and raise attainment across literacy and numeracy. The Family Learning Cafe will be a place where famiies can read and explore books together. The school will also invite guest readers and authors to help inspire pupils. 

The project supports strategic aims 1,2 and 4 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.


SLIF 2019 School Library Projects

Book Blethers: Countesswells Primary School

Award: £2,600

The main aim of the Book Blethers project is to raise attainment in reading, while fostering a culture for reading and pleasure for both pupils and families. The project supports strategic aim 3 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

Book Blethers is split into two parts. The first focuses on the development of book clubs to help foster a lifelong reading habit among the middle and upper stages of the school. Meeting monthly, the club involves 'chatterbooks' sessions and book reviews. 

The second focuses on the lower stages - establishing a book club which more closely follows elements of Emerging Literacy. During monthly meetings, children are read to, involved in action songs and rhymes and given the opportunity to participate in craft type activity. All stages have access to Engagement Bags which contain books and activities linked to a theme.

Parents and carers will be invited along to some book club sessions where they too can participate - encouraging parental engagement and family learning.


Developing A Love of Reading!: Kittybrewster Primary School Library

Award: £5000

The project aims to develop a culture of reading, creating joy, pleasure and lifelong enthusiastic learners. Supporting strategic aim 3 of Vibrant Libraries Thriving Schools, the project has a whole school focus from children age 3-11-years-old.

A range of activities will be introduced during 2019/2020 including establishing a book club, competitions, author visits, paired reading, themed reading activities and community library visits.

Reading Beyond the School Walls: Banchory Academy

Award: £1,200

The focus of Reading Beyond the School Walls is to encrouage pupils to lead and promote reading in the wider school community. Both S3 and S6 pupils at Banchory Academy will receive training from the Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh and the local authority Bookbug trainer - learning how to use props and character voices as well as advice on choosing appropriate books.

Pupils will visit local primaries, nurseries and residential care homes to deliver story sessions to young people and residents. Reading and author events are also planned for later in the year. 

The project supports strategic aims 1, 3 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.


Language Lab: Drumblade Rag, Drumblade Primary School & Nursery

Award: £18,000

The project will create a Language Lab, situated in Drumblade Primary Library Hub, which will create quarterly editions of the Drumblade Rag newspaper. The publication will be distributed within the local rural community and give pupils real purpose for reading and writing. 

The Lab will be a comfortable space which can be utilised by the whole family network - from mothers & toddlers, pupils, parents/carers, and local people collaborating with the whole community.

The Drumblade Rag project supports all five of the key aims of Vibrant Libraries Thriving Schools, A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023.

Webster's High School & Forfar Academy

Award: £1838

Learners from both schools will produce a booklet promoting positive mental health for their peers. The ultimate aim of Well Aware is to support pupil awareness of mental health issues around stress and provide strategies for healthier living. It supports strategic aim 4: Health & Wellbeing, of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

The project will promote the school library as a nurturing space where young people are cared about and assisted to find trustworthy information on a range of health and wellbeing needs.

Learner groups will meet on three occassions to undertake workshops and discuss the production of the booklet. The publication will be launched as part of a Health and Wellbeing focus week within the respective schools.

Literacy: A Bridge from Misery to Hope, Oban High School

Award: £4000

This project aims to improve reading for pleasure and attainment in pupils with literacy-related additional support needs. It supports strategic aims 2,3, 4 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

The initial stage of the project will see reading pens and a selection of dyslexia-friendly materials being introduced to the school library. Pupils will be asked for their input and offer other resource suggestions. The resources will then be used in assessments across the school - helping to unblock the curriculum for those with literacy difficulties. 


Kirn Family Fun with Literacy: Kirn Primary School

Award: £2,800

The Kirn Family Fun project will embed a calendar of events to foster and encourage connections with families and carers - encouraging a culture of reading for pleasure throughout the whole school and beyond.

The project will run monthly after-school events where pupils, families and carers can access a variety of books and reading related acitivies as well as digital numeracy programmes. There are also plans to introduce live-streaming bedtime stories and create digital book reviews. It supports strategic aims 1, 2, and 3 from Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.  


Philiphaugh Community School

Award: £7,183

The Brilliant Book Clubs project aims to promote a greater level of enjoyment and engagement through book clubs for both children and adults. While an adult book group will build confidence and interest in reading in order to model reading for enjoyment to children, the pupil book clubs will include texts to Develop the Young Workforce. 

Parents and pupils will also be encouraged to borrow books and to the read and discuss at home. The project supports strategic aim 5: Leadership, Standards & Working Models of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

#StSerfsWeLoveReading Community Library Hub: St Serf's Primary School  
Award: £2,645

The Community Library Hub project will enhance the current library space at St Serf's primary, giving children the tools to experience the joy of reading in a wider variety of ways. This includes audio books, parent sharing story sessions, prerecorded stories from parents, teachers and children and curiosity boxes.

Supporting strategic aims 2, 3 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools, the Hub with be at the heart of the school and nursery and capitalise on collaboration, technology and a love of reading.


Tilly Primary Inspiring a New Generation of Readers

Award: £10,000

This project has two main aims. The first centres on the school library space - turning it into a vibrant location which can be used by classes, parents/carers, and the wider community to promote the enjoyment of reading. The second aim is to promote the use of digital technology to support reading for enjoyment.

The initiative supports strategic aims 1, 2,3, and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: a National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland.



Lockerbie Academy

Award: £1000

By introducing eReaders to students with Additional Support Needs, this innovative project hopes to encourage inclusion and reading for fun. The technology would allow pupils to read a greater variety of texts - including fiction and non-fiction, learning resources, newspaper reports, magazines and more. A reading group is also planned as part of the project, which will be aimed at families to encourge parental engagement.

The scheme supports strategic aim 1, 3, 4 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

Dundee School Library Service

Award: £11,100

Drawn from Experience will create a short comic exploring the transition experience from P7 to S1. Reflecting on their experiences, an S1 class will create content for use as a comic format resource. Tuition and guidance will be provided by professional comic book creators, with the final version created by them to ensure anonymity.

The school librarian will host the project and associated activities, sharing outcomes and the final resource with other school librarians across the city.

East Ayrshire Secondary Schools

Award: £17,200

Visual Tales aims to develop student's visual literacy and communication skills, encouraging digital creativity and leadership skills. It supports 2,3 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

There are two stages to the project. The first introduces learners to the two main visual story telling formats - comics and film. The second focuses on the creative process, by engaging with individual creators such as comic book writers and illustrators. As part of Visual Tales, learners will produce their own movie projects and take part in the Glasgow Film Festival

Our Lady of the Missions Primary

Award: £10,635

This project introduces a mobile library which promotes engagement with STEM subjects across the school cluster. Building on a recent visit from members of the NASA team, the library will stock a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts with a particular focus on space and topical science.

The school will work with local librarians and offer further support to reluctant readers, highly able readers and children with Addtional Support Needs. Aims 1, 2 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018 - 2023 are covered within the project.

Lorne Primary School

Award: £8000

This project aims to develop parental engagement, interest and literacy skills among parents/carers and to promote reading as a pleasurable activity. The scheme builds upon the school's previously successful parent book group and will introduce a combination of English classes, book groups, workshops and a creche to help parents engage with the project and support and promote their children's enjoyment of books and reading. 

It supports strategic aim 3: Literacy, Numeracy and Family Learning of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

Hizara Tantara: Falkirk Secondary Schools

Award: £21,400

Hizara Tantara is a multi lingual storytelling project which aims to improve literacy, promote linguistic and cultural diversity and encourage an appreciation into other cultures and languages through the sharing of stories.

A storyteller will work with school librarians and young people in modern language departments as well as young people with English as an Additional Language in every secondary school in Falkirk.

The project will ultimately produce a book and digital resources of stories from other cultures as a resource for every school library and organise a festival event to celebrate. It supports strategic aim 3 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools. 


Fostering a Love of Reading within Families: Falkirk Primary & Secondary Schools

Award: £21,000

This project aims to encourage greater confidence and participation in reading within families, with a particular focus on male carers. It supports strategic aim 1 and 3 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023.

A writer in residence will be employed to work in primary school libraries, with the main focus of engaging male family members in their children's literacy. The project will also involve a piece of creative writing which will be celebrated at an event.

Hill of Beath Primary School

Award: £6,500

The aim of this project is to create a space within the school library which is dedicated to Scots language and culture. The space will include Scots lanague resources and a small listening and recording station where pupils can listen to Scotland language through stories and songs, as well as make their own recordings.

The scheme supports strategic aim 1 and 3 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023

From Reading to Writing: Haghill Park Primary School, Parkhill Secondary School, Whitehill Secondary School & Smithycroft Secondary School.

Award: £11,590

This collaborative project will create a friendly, inclusive environment within the school library which enourages an interest in and enthusiasm for reading and writing. Reading Champions and pupil Reading Buddies will engage in Literacy for All training. The scheme will also see an Author in Residence offer support over a number of sessions and a Writing Festival in Dennistoun public library to celebrate the achievements of all the pupils involved.  

It supports strategic aims 2, 3 and 4 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023.


Tea, Tales & Togetherness: Chirnsyde Primary School 

Award: £5440

Tea, Tales & Togetherness aims to increase parental involvement through a number of literacy focused projects, improving family learning experiences for parents and pupils. Working in partnership with Children 1st, the project will deliver a range of experiences over the school year including a games club, film literacy experience and story stack sessions amongst others. 

The project supports Strategic aim 3 and 4 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.


Elgin Academy

Award: £3000

This ground-breaking project will raise awareness on a subject which is rarely talked about, creating a safe space for students to open up about experiences. Small focus groups and school assemblies with special speakers will help students fell more comfortable talking about sexism while organisations such as Engender will provide resources and further advice.

The initiative, which is project managed by S6 pupils, covers strategic aims 1, 2 and 4 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools. 

Irvine Royal Academy

Award: £9,937

Royal Readers aims to reduce the attainment gap between Irvine Royal Academy and Scotland as a whole. The project has three strands. Firstly, the Scotland Reads initiative will be introduced to 4- 50 school learners who have reading ages signficantly lower than their chronological age.  Secondly, young people who require additional support will be given preschool support at a Literacy Cafe. Finally a parental engagement project called Book and Brew will support the scheme, helping parents and carers support children's literacy skills.

The project focuses of strategic aim 5: Leadership, Standards & Working Models of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools.

Balhousie Primary school

Award: £4318

Balhousie is Reading will support parents to play a central role in supporting their children's literacy development. It will foster a shared approach to reading and provide a venue for parents to discuss and engage in dialogue about reading. The project focuses on strategic aims 1,2 and 3 of the Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools

Through Junior Librarian the project will embed digital and information literacy across the school with children and families having access at home and school to online e-books. two sessions held every week will also encourage families to use the library for the purpose of borrowing and sharing reading with the children.

Renfrewshire School Libraries

Award: £13,510

The Dip into Digital project aims to promote digital creativity amongst children and young people through accessible science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sessions. The sessions will be led by school librarians and will allow children to explore a range of technology, while developing skills in science, tech, engineering and maths.

The initiative relates to strategic aims 1, 2 and 3of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023.  

Project in a Box: Prestwick Academy Library

Award: £4550

This project build upon a previously succesful SLIF project, Found Photos, building upon lessons learned and offering a new way to engage young learners. The school librarian team will put together key materials to create a 'project in a box' that can be loaned out to primary schools looking to embark on a community/local history themed project which can be tailored to their own ideas. The boxes will also include a collection of equipment needed to deliver the digital aspects of the project. 

The scheme covers strategic aim 1, 2, and 3 of the school library national strategy Vibrant Libraries, Thriving schools.


A Digital & Vinyl Timeline of our History: Marr College School Library

Award: £4160

The main aim of this project is to create a visual and interactive wall display of Marr College, past and present. Pupils will be selected from targeted s1 literacy classes to work on the project which will raise attainment as well as increase engagement in school life. 

The scheme, which supports aims 1, 2, 3 and 5 of Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools, will take place in the school library, Troon public library and the Marr Resource Centre.

Readers Together: Duncanrig Secondary School 

Award: £6,800

The broad aim of Readers Together is to create a flourishing reading culture across four secondary schools - Duncanrig Secondary, St Andrew's high school, Calderside Academy and Bride's High School. It covers strategic aims 1, 3, and 5 of the national strategy of school libraries in Scotland Vibrant Libraries, Thriving Schools

The initiative will invole a range of clubs and setting up a library cafe to promote reading for pleasure.


Nurturing a Love of Reading: Crawforddyke Primary and Nursery

Award: £5000

The Nurturing a Love of Reading project aims to help pupils feel safe, secure, valued, respected included and listened to. It relates directed to both our School and Nursery Improvement Plan and will follow the Nurture Schools Standards to meet the social and emotional needs of all pupils.

It relates well to strategic aim 4: Health & Wellbeing of Vibrant Llibraries Thriving Schools: A National Strategy for School Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023.

Balfron High School

Award: £3200

The Mental Health Hub provides a safe, trusted space for children and young people to be nurtured. The project will cover training and books to encourage vulnerable young people to discuss mental health issues in a safe space.

It covers strategic aim 4: Health & Wellbeing of Vibrant Libraries Thriving Schools, a National Strategy for school Libraries in Scotland 2018-2023.