If you are planning on applying to the Public Library Improvement Fund (PLIF), you can find the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below.

Our main PLIF page also has lots of information about the funding process including details of what can be funded and the deadline for applications. 

If our FAQs can't help with your query please email info@scottishlibraries.org 

The Public Library Improvement Fund (PLIF) is a funding stream which supports creative and innovative library projects throughout Scotland. It is available to all public library services in Scotland and is administered by the Scottish Library and Information Council on behalf of the Scottish Government.

PLIF funds initiatives which support the strategic aims of Forward: Scotland’s Public Library Strategy 2021-2025Each year SLIC and the Scottish Government identify priorities for PLIF. Details of the current PLIF priorities can be found on the PLIF main website page and PLIF Guidance document.  

The SLIC Funding Sub-Committeeapprove applications on innovation, achievability, value for money, sustainability, and scalability. The SLIC Funding Sub-Committee also look at engagement with the How Good is Our Public Library Service framework. 

A PLIF Collaborative Application can be:

  • An application made by two or more public library services from separate local authorities. 
  • An application with an external organisation or charity. 
  • An application made by two or more public library services from separate local authorities and an external organisation or charity.

Note: SLIC encourages multi-disciplinary and cooperative working however collaborative applications must be led by public library services. 

Forward: Scotland’s Public Library Strategy 2021-2025 sets out 15 strategic aims under the overarching themes of People, Place and Partnership.

These outline the key areas of development within Scotland’s public libraries. PLIF applications need to relate to at least one of the strategic aims of the document. 

There is a limit of two Individual Applications to give every library service in Scotland an opportunity to prioritise what is important to its service 

There is no limit on the number of Collaborative Applications SLIC will accept.

Library services and their collaborative partners will be required to observe the Fair Work First scheme which encourages and supports employers to adopt fair work practices within their organisation.

SLIC is obliged to ensure that all applicants are fully compliant with the scheme. Details of the scheme are available on the Scottish Government website.

If you have any questions about applying to the Public Library Improvement Fund you can email info@scottishlibraries.org

You are advised to read the PLIF Guidance and PLIF Application Form Guidance prior to applying as this takes you through the application process step-by-step. 

Please submit your PLIF application by filling in the online form and read the Application Guidance before submitting. You may wish to copy and paste from a Word document on to the online form.  

The online application form can be submitted with typed signatures. Confirmation of signatures, including those of partners will be required, if successful, as part of the Conditions of Grant. 

SLIC will contact you via email after submissions close, following the final decision of the SLIC Funding Sub-Committee, to let you know whether you have been successful or not.