How to apply for PLIF

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Public Library Improvement Fund. PLIF 2019/2020 is now closed.

*Please note that the form below will only work if you complete it using the same device and internet browser during the application process. This means that if you are saving the document, please use the same device and browser to open it up later. This is part of a security feature designed to keep the information you submit safe.


Scottish Government Public Library Improvement Fund Application
A. Project Title
B. Applicant Details
This will be the main contact for the project.
C. Project Summary

State the main aim of your project.
Provide a brief overview of how your project will achieve the stated aim (around 250 words).
D. Project Partners

Section 1: Organisation
Enter the details of the project team inserting additional rows as required:
Project Role Name Job Title Email
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Section 2: Background
300 words
Section 3: Project Details
Outline the specific processes for delivering key aims as well as the underlying rationale for the favoured approach.
Section 4: Project Outcomes
Please list the specific outcomes and outputs of your proposed project.
Section 5: Project Impact
Section 6: Milestones
Insert additional rows as required
Milestone Output Date
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Section 7: Project Management & Quality Review
Include partner participation, where applicable.
Section 8: Finance
Insert additional rows as required
Activity Anticipated date of expenditure Amount from PLIF Amount from other budget Total Cost
Totals: £ £ £
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Section 9: Sustainability
Section 10: Risk Management
How likely is it that these scenarios will occur? What is the potential impact, and what arrangements do you have in place to mitigate risk factors? Please note that a condition of grant will require a register of risks to be kept.
Risk Likelihood Impact Action to manage risk
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Section 11: Service Overview
Please provide details of any significant changes to library service provision in your local authority/organisation within the last three years. In particular, please include any reductions/increases in opening hours, library closures/openings, reduction/increase in staff numbers, or the introduction of new services.
Section 12: Project Dates

Section 13: Dissemination

SLIC will disseminate reports from your project through its website. SLIC may also request a follow-up report about the impact of your project between 12 and 24 months after the funding period.

Section 14: Declaration

I believe that the project is achievable within the given time and cost constraints, and with the available resources.

Head of Library Service or equivalent
Line Manager of Head of Library Service or equivalent, or Director of Finance