SLIC awarded over £33,000 this year to specialist and education libraries through our Innovation and Development Fund. The annual fund is open to SLIC member libraries who do not benefit from either the Public Library Improvement Fund (PLIF) or the School Library Improvement Fund (SLIF). It supports both creative service development and experimental approaches to delivery within library and information centre settings.

This year's successful projects include initiatives which focus on mental health and wellbeing as well as exploring the potential of online platforms. You can read more about the indiviual IDF 2019 Awards below.

Culture of Encounter: Creative Community Conversations

Awarded: £14,000

The aim of this library project was to raise awareness of the value of reading as a tool to increase diversity and inclusion, improve understanding of ourselves, and demonstrate the impact of library cross-sector collaboration. A total of ten different organisations are involved in Culture of Encounter including SLIC members Glasgow University, the University of the West of Scotland, the University of St Andrews and Fife Cultural Trust.

The overarching theme links with the Year of Conversation and will establish a community of interest via small scale pilots in participating areas. They will work collaboratively across academic, public and school libraries to examine the role that reading has in bringing communities together.

Crafting to New Confidence and Positive Mental Health

Awarded: £1,200

This innovative project aims to promote positive mental health and social inclusion through the delivery of creative workshops across Forth Valley's three Learning Resource Centres (LRCs). The workshops will encourage students to access the centres and engage with the wide range of resources available, encouraging them to see the centres as a 'third space' where they can study, socialise and interact with other learners.


Extending Access: A Practical, Evidence-based Evaluation of Google Arts and Culture for Showcasing Library Collections.

Awarded: £8,000

The National Library of Scotland aims to explore the potential of the Google Arts and Culture online platform, specifically as a way to promote digital resources to a diverse, global audience. It will gather evidence and metrics relating to the resources required to prepare and publish on the service and their use and reach. The findings and best practice will then be shared via a report, workshops, documentation and articles.



Mapping The Way Forward for Creative Works for Wellbeing in Scotland

Awarded: £10,000

The Scottish Poetry Library and project Partners Lapidus Scotland plan to map what's happening where in the wellbeing landscape in Scotland. They will work with key stakeholders in libraries, publishing and literature, social and health care and voluntary sectors to develop a shared vision and plan of action. The ultimate aim is to promote positive wellbeing and good mental health.