This year the Scottish Library and Information Council awarded over £27,000 to libraries and information centres through our Innovation and Development Fund.

The annual fund supports library projects which pioneer new ideas in the sector. IDF is open to SLIC members who don’t benefit from the Public Library Improvement Fund although collaborative projects with local public libraries are accepted. Click below to see this year’s awards, which include pioneering language and engagement projects.

The Online UK Copyright Advisor

AWARD: £6,000

This project will employ professional web development services to make the existing online advisor more visually appealing and easily navigable. The result will be an HTML5 web resource to be used by the education community and shared as an Open Educational Resource (OER).

One of the main barriers to open practice in education is a general lack of knowledge of and reluctance to engage with copyright and licensing issues. To help break this down, the project team have created and built the online UK copyright advisor. Through developing an HTML5 web resource to be used by the education community and shared as an OER, this will help to raise the quality of OERs produced and repurposed in Scottish Education.

Gweed Wirds: a Doric Literature Portal

AWARD: £14,000

Partners: Aberdeen University; Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & Moray Libraries and local schools

This project will create a digital portal for Doric literature, including supplementary contextual materials across the North-east Scotland region.

Project Outcomes:

The outcomes of the project will primarily focus around a digital resource which will showcase the range and breadth of Doric literature and present it in a broader context by providing additional materials about the authors, their lives, the places referred to and particularly around the language used. Audio and visual materials will inform this coverage significantly. The portal will be created in accessible software and will be managed by Robert Gordon University with editorial access for the partnering participants.

Specific parts of the site will be devoted to children and to education and will provide learning packages and other materials suitable for particular age groups either in libraries or in the classroom.

The site will be linked to appropriate, quality checked materials on Doric literature available elsewhere on the web as well as providing finding tools to access materials in the library services involved. An events facility will enable participants to upload details of Doric literature related activities such as those associated with book festivals, readings, author events and new publications. Similarly, the news facility will enable the showcasing of these and other current activities and initiatives and will present a platform whereby some of the exceptional Scots language work done, for example, in Aberdeenshire schools can be more widely disseminated. It is also important that the portal goes beyond the library and education sectors to represent fully the work of ‘on-the-ground’ groups.

UWS Big Read

Engaging students into the University community through the use of a shared reading experience

AWARD: £7,200

Partners: Scottish Book Trust; West College; Renfrewshire Libraries; Renfrewshire Council School Libraries; East Renfrewshire Libraries

The UWS Big Read will create a partnership across library sectors to support students from school and college to make the transition to university in a supported structured model.

The project will utilise a model of pre university arrival shared reading of one book, to welcome new students into a new learning environment, equipping them with a shared reading experience to support their engagement and sense of belonging with the university.  This innovative project involves partnership with the communities that students come from through branch libraries and school libraries in areas of multiple deprivations. 

Project Outcomes:

  • Improved retention levels amongst the pilot cohort at the University of the West of Scotland.
  • The creation of a supportive shared reading network across the university, Students Association (SAUWS) and partner libraries as well as in local communities.
  • Series of displays and reading events across libraries in the university, college, schools and public libraries focused on one selected book.
  • Increase in student engagement for other areas of delivery for the academic library.
  • Opportunities to increase partnership working across library sectors.
  • Research and impact evidence to show the impact of libraries on student attainment levels