In 2017, the Scottish Library and Information Council awarded over £17,000 to libraries and information centres through our Innovation and Development Fund.

The annual fund supports library projects which pioneer new ideas in the sector. IDF is open to SLIC members who don’t benefit from the Public Library Improvement Fund although collaborative projects with local public libraries are accepted. Click below to see the 2017 awards which includes state-of-the-art technology and ground-breaking studies.

UWS Library Services was awarded £3,200 to make a film about the journey students make as they go through their programme of study.

‘The Info Lit Journey’ will not only highlight how students use the library during their time at the university but also make the library more visible to the students and the academic community.

The film will be made by Studio Lab – a student-led work experience group within the university’s School of Media, Culture and Society. As well as interpreting the film brief, students will be in charge of all technical aspects of filming making.

Project Aims

One of the main aims of this collaborative project is to create a new resource which helps students view the library as a partner in their learning journey. Throughout the project the library service will also be gaining valuable insight into how they are perceived by students, which will ultimately help address issues with library engagement.

In addition, UWS hopes to share the film widely within the student and academic community to ensure everyone knows the library service is there for them.

Project Outcomes

By the end of the project in 2018 the UWS Library Service will have a tangible resource which will have been made by students for students. Students themselves will also have gained valuable experience of working on a professional project which they can list on their CV as an important credit.

The library will ultimately have brought together students, library and academic staff to work on a project which is mutually beneficial.

‘An Emojinal Topic? Social Media Use in Libraries’ is the theme of the successful IDF bid from Perth College UHI. The college aims to create a ‘snapshot’ view of social media use in libraries across Scotland, with its IDF award of £2,050.

Over the last few years, social media use has accelerated and many library services now use it as a way to share information, promote services and engage with members of the public.

Yet some within the information profession remain unconvinced by the benefits and whether it’s really a good way to publicise information.

Project Aims

The Perth College UHI Library aims to critically investigate the use of social media by Scottish libraries. The research will involve collating statistical information on the specific forms of communication used and interviews with prolific and high profile users.

The final outcome will be a research paper which summarises the findings of the investigation, including evidence of good practice.

Project Outcomes

Up until now only high profile cases of social media use by libraries has been investigated. This project will help to document the impact of social media across Scottish Libraries and share good practice throughout the library and information service profession.

Forth Valley College aims to promote creative learning, volunteering and the use of new technology with its project ‘Going 3D at the LRC’.

The College received an award of £12,412 from the Innovation and Development Fund to support the introduction of 3D printers into their Learning Resource Centres and subsequent training.

A total of three 3D printers will be installed in the College’s LRCs located in Falkirk, Alloa and Stirling. Both staff and students will then be trained up in the technology before a group of 30 students are offered the opportunity to share their knowledge by volunteering in local public libraries.

Project Aim
The College hopes the introduction of the new interactive technology will encourage students to view their LRCs as exciting resources which are both innovative and forward-thinking.

Through the use of 3D printers students will be encouraged to think creatively and further develop their skills set.

The project will also give the College the opportunity to further develop its links with public libraries in the Forth Valley Area, particularly Falkirk, Alloa and Stirling.

Project Outcomes
Ultimately the project will reinvigorate the learning experience at the College LRCs, giving both students and staff access to some of the very latest technology available.

‘Going 3D at the LRC’ will also encourage partnership working between the College and local public libraries, as they share their knowledge through the volunteering aspect of the project.