Public library services throughout Scotland have organised a host of initiatives over the coming weeks to help brighten the festive season.

Libraries lie at the heart of communities and are ideally placed to help with feelings of loneliness and isolation which can increase at this time of year.

For instance, South Ayrshire Libraries are offering free activity bags for children while Shetland Libraries have organised ‘Season Surprises’ where library members can enjoy surprise reads over the holidays. 

The Scottish Government’s COVID-19 local protections levels require many library services to operate a limited service. However, even where public library buildings are closed to the public, you can access services online and in many instances use Click and Collect.

Click on your library service below to find out more details of the services being offered over the festive period and how you can access these.

This initiative is part of the Scottish Government’s Helpful Ways to Brighter Days campaign which aims to share advice and resources for mental health. You can find more information and advice at including tips on keeping in touch with friends and family as well as ways to give back to the wider community.  

Scottish Public Library Services

You can renew library loans, reserve books using the library book pick up service and use online resources like eBooks and eMagazines by visiting the Aberdeen City Libraries & Archives website page.

There is also information on individual branches and opening times. 

A Click and Collect service is now available from a number of libraries across Aberdeenshire. You'll also find information on reading groups, housebound and visually impaired services on their website. 

Visit the Life Life Aberdeenshire Library pages for more details.

ANGUSalive Libraries now have a Click and Collect service in operation to make book borrowing easier. Library members can order a selection of books to be curated into a a Book Box which can be collected from a specific library at a pre-booked time. The service is also available on Mobile Libraries. Limited browsing within library buildings is also available.  

Discover more - including information on how to access online services - by visiting the ANGUSalive Libraries website. 

Limited browsing is currently available in Live Argyll Libraries. You can also arrange a Click and Collect service and borrow titles digitally through eBook Borrowing. 

Visit the Live Argyll Libraries website for more details on how to access their library services over the festive period. 

Library members in the Borders can currently book a Browse & Select slot at Galashiels Library for limited browsing. The library service is also operating a Connect & Collect service where you can reserve books online or over the phone then collect via the mobile library van. 

Digital borrowing is also available with a host of new audiobooks and comics recently added to the collection. 

Find out more on the Live Borders Libraries website.  

You can browse, renew and reserve library books online by using Clackmannanshire Libraries' new self-service library catalogue. Access to eBook and eAudio services are also available via the library website. 

For more information on individual library branches and other services visit the Clackmannanshire Libraries website

Library members in Dumfries and Galloway can access eBooks and eMagazines as well as other online resources by visiting the library service website. You can also find details of individual library branches. 

Visit Dumfries & Galloway Libraries online for more details. 

Library members in Dundee can currently access a variety of library services. This includes limited browsing available in some library branches. A Reconnect and Collect service has also been launched where library staff choose up to ten titles on your behalf and pick up is then arranged for two days later.

Online resources such as audiobooks and eBooks are also available. Visit the Leisure and Culture Dundee website for more information.

East Ayrshire Leisure recently added a new range of eBooks and audiobooks to it's online library catalogue to help library members unable to visit local branches. 

You can find more information on online resources, as well as local branch details, on the East Ayrshire Leisure website.

Library members in East Dunbartonshire can browse, renew and reserve books using the library online catalogue. Other online services available include free eBook and Audiobook downloads. 

For more information on services available visit the East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Website

Library services currently available in East Lothian include a Click & Collect service and limited browsing in some library branches. Members can also access free online services such as eBooks and Magazines. 

More details of services available including details of local reading and writing groups can be found on the East Lothian Libraries website

Library members in East Renfrewshire can access a host of services online including access to eBooks, eMagazines and newspapers. A Click and Collect service is also in operation, where you can reserve books online and collect them from a specific location at a later date. 

For more information visit the East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure website

Edinburgh Libraries offers a wide range of online services including being able to download eBooks, read eMagazines and listen to Audiobooks. A limited number of branches are currently open though any visit needs to be booked first online. 

More information can be found on the Edinburgh Libraries website. 

Libraries in Falkirk offer a range of eServices giving members access to reading and study materials online. You can also use their Click and Collect service where library staff choose up to six books on your behalf You can then pick up your order from a library branch at a prearranged time. 

Visit the Falkirk Community Trust website for more details. 

ONFife Libraries have extended their Connect and Collect service. Library members in Fife can now enjoy 'limited edition' selections in their larger library branches, 'Golden tickets' with surprise prizes and a service to request specific titles. 

You can borrow up to 15 books at a time with collections also available for home delivery and mobile customers. The library service is also taking part in the ShineOnFife Programme which delivers online content for all ages. 

More details on ONFife website.  

Library members in Glasgow can reserve and renew books using an online catalogue system. Other digital resources include eResources, eMusic and eReading - all of which can be accessed from online. 

For details of how to access these resources as well as information on specific library branches visit the Glasgow Life website

You can access a wide range of digital library services via the High Life Highland website. This includes the ability to search the library for specific resources as well as download free eBooks, eMagazines and Audiobooks. 

For more information visit the High Life Highland website. 

Inverclyde Libraries are operating both a Connect & Collect service and a Books on Wheels service (for those who are shielding or over 75). You can also access digital services such as free eBook downloads online. 

For more information on the services available visit the Inverclyde Libraries website

Library members in Midlothian can access eResources online. This includes being able to download free eBooks and eMagazines, 

Find out more about the library services available by visiting the Midlothian Libraries website

Moray Libraries is operating an Order and Collect service for library members, where books can be ordered by genre and then collected at a prearranged time from a library branch. It's also possible to search the online catalogue and download digital services such as eBooks and eMagazines. 

Visit the Moray Libraries website for more information. 

North Ayrshire Libraries' Call, Click and Collect service allows you to request a genre selection of up to four books which can be borrowed for four weeks. Online services available also include free digital magazines, eBooks and downloadable music. 

Visit North Ayrshire Libraries for more details. 

Library membership in North Lanarkshire gives you free access to online resources such as eAudiobooks, eBooks and eMagazines. A Home Delivery Service is also available for those who are confined to their homes. 

More information can be found on the Culture North Lanarkshire website

Orkney Library offers both a Book Box and Home Library service to help library members. These services are available to those not serviced by the Mobile Library service or who suffer from a debilitating illness. 

It's also possible to renew loans and borrow eBooks online. Visit the Orkney Library and Archive for more information. 

A Click and Collect service is operating in various locations across Perth and Kinross, helping library members restock during the festive period.  Through the e-library it's also possible to access the digital collection including eBooks and eMusic. 

Visit Culture Perth & Kinross Libraries website to find out more. 

Library members in Renfrewshire Libraries can access services via the online library link on the website. This includes downloading free eBooks, Emagazines and more. You can also receive books through the Click and Collect service.

You can find more details on the Renfrewshire Libraries website

Shetland Libraries are offering Seasonal Surprises to their members -  gift wrapped mystery books people can borrow. They have also expanded their Home Delivery service during Coronavirus restrictions to ensure books are delivered, especially to those with no internet connection, who are visually impaired or are isolated in any way. 

eBooks, eMagazines and eComics are also available to download for free via the library service website. The library service is open up until 5pm on Christmas Eve and Hogmanay, with limited opening on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between Christmas and New Year. 

For more information on the services available visit the Shetland Libraries website

All libraries in South Ayrshire will be operating their Connect and Collect service between Christmas and New Year - allowing members to borrow up to five titles by either author or genre. Borrows are then allocated a time slot to collect their books. 

A free DVD lending service is also available from -  Alloway, Ayr’s Carnegie Library, Forehill, Girvan, Maybole, Prestwick and Troon libraries and the Marr Educational Resources Centre. Customers can discuss their preference with staff over the phone who then select a maximum of two DVDs from their stock which can be borrowed for a week free of charge.

During the festive season South Ayrshire Libraries are giving away free children’s goody bags filled with festive puzzles and crafts which you can pick when collecting your books or DVDs.

Library users in South Ayrshire can download eBooks, eMagazines and more online. You can find more information on the services available by visiting the South Ayrshire Libraries website

The online digital library offers users plenty of choice including a wide variety of eBooks, eMagazines and eComics. All digital resources can be accessed via the library service website. 

You can find more information on the South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture website.   

Stirling Libraries have a Select and Collect service in operation to help library members access books throughout the Christmas period. 

You can also borrow up to six eBook titles and access other online resources such as eMagazines online. Visit the Stirling Libraries website for more information. 

West Dunbartonshire Libraries have created a Book to Borrow service which allows library members to order books remotely and then safely uplift them from your local library or have them delivered to your door. 

You can find out more about the service - as well as details of their online resources like eBooks - by visiting the West Dunbartonshire Libraries website

West Lothian Libraries operates both a Click and Collect and a Phone and Collect service to ensure library users have access to resources throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. 

For more details on library services available in the area visit the West Lothian Libraries website.  

Library users in the Western Isles can use the new Connect and Collect service to access titles and DVDs this festive season. Members can request titles or opt for genres and then collect their treasure bag of books at the library. Audiobooks and Ebooks are also available online. 

You can read more about the library services available on the Western Isles by visiting the Comhairle nan Eilean Siar website.