To mark Trustees' Week, this week's blog features SLIC trustees. Here, Ken McKinlay outlines the changing role of the trustee.

As with the library sector as a whole, the role of a trustee has changed considerably in recent years, according to SLIC Company Secretary Ken McKinlay.

“It was really quite different when I first sat on the SLIC board for a couple of years a decade or so ago. As reflected in our recent public and school library strategies – and at our annual general meeting just last week – there is a real focus now on ambition, opportunity, innovation and young people, as well as an increased emphasis on partnership working.

“The composition of the board has also changed to include a much wider range of interests, perspectives and backgrounds than in the past, which is a positive step. It’s about the skills and experience you can bring as a trustee more than anything else.”

Originally a librarian in Dundee, Ken has almost 40 years of experience in local government, working in culture, leisure and education.

“But I always kept some involvement with libraries as part of my remit,” he says. “And when the Company Secretary position at SLIC came up in 2016 I was keen to get even more involved.

“SLIC is doing a lot of great work and I wanted to be part of that. As secretary, I report to the board quarterly, not just about managing the books and making sure all the funds and assets are well managed, but also about developing a financial strategy.

“The role of the organisation now is much more to do with library development and strategy, which really interests me. As a trustee at SLIC, I get to feel part of something that’s making a real difference and that’s incredibly rewarding.”