On the SLIC blog this week our Content & Communications Officer Karen Pepin talks about the rise of social media and how libraries can join our #PhotoFriday campaign.


In decades to come people will look back at the early 21st century as the age of social media.

Whether you’re into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (to name a few) the rise of social media platforms has been one of the defining features of our age. It’s amazing to think that the number of worldwide users is expected to reach 2.95 billion by 2020 – that’s around a third of the Earth’s entire population.

For libraries and information services, the popularity of social media has created a new and exciting way to communicate with members.

Making Social Media Work For You

A few years ago, you might have been forgiven for thinking social media was just that – a place to connect with friends and share information. But the dynamic is forever evolving and today social media covers so much more.

It’s a news service, business channel, promotional tool and measure of public opinion. Careers are made (and ruined) on social media. What’s more, its assumed companies, charities and public bodies will all have a social media presence. These days being absent from the social scene is a break away from the norm.

Some libraries have wholeheartedly embraced the funny, unpredictable world of social media, working it to their advantage. The famous rivalry between Orkney Library & Archive and Shetland Library played out on Twitter has worked wonders for the promotion of the individual libraries involved but also libraries and librarians in general. Others, such as the National Library of Scotland, have managed to involve world famous authors and library lovers like Neil Gaiman and Mark Hamill in their library campaigns. 

Of course, not everyone can be as successful but it does show the possibilities are endless. Delving into the world of social media reaps rewards.


Our ongoing #PhotoFriday campaign has already helped countless SLIC members promote their services across multiple social media platforms. Every Friday we showcase a member library or information service on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.   

Featuring library photos, staff selfies and lots of information on library services, it’s an ideal way to help promote everything libraries provide for the communities they serve.

So if you’re looking to join in the online conversation, why not get in touch and let us support you on social media. Together we can help you promote things like your latest event, new book collection or weekly club. After all, communicating with each other is what it’s all about.