This week our Coworking Project Manager Seb Dadbin talks about the success of the Scottish Coworking Network and the latest developments.  

The Scottish Coworking Network, the first of its kind in Scotland, is now officially up and running with hubs in Dundee, Inverness, Edinburgh and Troon now open for members. It’s great to be able to tell SCN members who do travel around Scotland that they can make use of all hubs on the network.

Equally, I’m delighted to see the hubs taking root and establishing themselves in each local library area as a key part of their offering. One of the key aims of the Scottish Coworking Network was to create collaborative coworking communities within libraries and foster environments of support, so it’s fantastic to hear stories from members on how they’re working so effectively together.

Members like Donna Read in Troon, who has really embraced working life at her local coworking hub.

Donna said: “Troon is building a nice coworking community and one of the things I like best is the simple things like having a cup of tea and a catch up. On Friday, I spent 30 minutes just brainstorming a few things with a fellow member and it was really helpful. It was kind of like a mentoring session.”

“Working alone can feel quite isolating and just that opportunity to brainstorm with others can really help. We are all taking turns at making tea too which is always a bonus.”

Building on Success

SCN LogoThe Scottish Coworking Network promises to build both local and national collaborations between small businesses, with the SCN members portal helping to support this digitally.

It’s such an exciting time, with a number of exciting events coming up across the network to help build and strengthen collaborations. From networking events in partnership with the Federation on Small Businesses to working a workshop exploring values with Future X.

It’s also important to note how the network allows libraries to build a symbiotic relationship with the local business community as all the proceeds from hub membership go towards supporting the individual libraries in which they operate. So not only does the Scottish Coworking Network allow libraries help to support small businesses but every hub member is helping to support their local library.

The SCN user survey has now gone live (if you’re a member reading this and haven’t completed it yet please do so now – you could win £100 worth of vouchers!). Moving forward, this will help formulate the next steps on the project.

There is tremendous potential for future developments in library coworking and I look forward to seeing what the next chapter has in store for the Scottish Coworking Network.