You can’t say it too often – the best and most impactful projects, innovation and service developments are delivered in partnership. This is why it is no accident that one of SLIC’s five Strategic Priorities is Partnership.

We recently developed our own infographic which features SLIC’s key partners and the context within which these partnerships work. The content is not exhaustive however we wanted to pull out the partners which we work with most frequently.

How The Infograph Works

Infograph showing SLIC's PartnershipsPartners are grouped by theme – highlighting key strategic partners from across Scotland who work with SLIC. We work together to further develop and implement policy which relates to libraries and key cultural partners, where collaborative working delivers not just for libraries but also key agencies in the cultural landscape within Scotland and beyond. The infographic is flexible enough to be amended as well as focus on specific partners who are working with us on certain streams.

Member Focus

Central to everything SLIC undertakes are its members - who represent a range of library services in Scotland including public, academic, FE and special interest libraries. Our members engage with SLIC in a variety of ways and very few have an overview of the breadth and range of work undertaken in all library sectors. One of SLIC’s unique selling points is the extent of our reach. We span the strategic and cultural landscape within Scotland and beyond, enabling access between partners and members where there are areas of mutual interest.

SLIC's Partnership Working

Many who have looked at our infographic have been amazed at how diverse and far reaching the coverage of SLIC’s partnership working is. While some partnerships were formed not long after SLIC was established in 1991, others have developed along the way and more will surely arise as opportunities present themselves in the future.

Through working together and collaborating on projects, SLIC, its members and partners are able to achieve so much more for library users. It is so important for partners to think “libraries first” to ensure the library offer amplifies their message. Libraries, regardless of their niche, offer that safe trusted space to support users with their information and learning needs.

SLIC has a strong, proven track record of delivering for libraries through partnership working. If you are a member and see someone here you would like to talk to – get in touch. If you are a partner and realise there are possibilities for other things, get in touch, and if you are a potential partner and would like to start a conversation - get in touch!