What could you share to connect with your local (and worldwide!) community for five minutes?


Today SLIC's Fun Palaces Scotland Ambassador Lewis Hou talks about Fun Palaces Scotland TV - a new initiative to encourage communities to connect and share with each other.

For this year’s Tiny Fun Palaces weekend on the 3 and 4 October, we’re hosting an online “Fun Palaces Scotland TV” encouraging community groups, libraries, museums, universities and schools from all across Scotland to share something for five minutes - either live or pre-recorded - which can help connect each other, support wellbeing and tackle social isolation!

This could involve sharing new or hidden skills (maybe even developed over lockdown) of community members, staff and volunteers or safely sharing “behind-the-scenes” in a venue which may still be closed but is still part of the community for example!

This is part of the Fun Palaces campaign for cultural democracy, with the weekend of “Tiny Fun Palaces” an opportunity to shout out across the UK (and the world) about the value of the everyday culture and skills found in every community and the “tiny revolutions of connection” that have brought many together through lockdown.

For this reason, we’re not looking for professional workshops or skills to be shared. Instead we're thinking of other passions and interests which might connect with communities in different ways and encourage them to give it a go. If you work with youth or community groups for example, maybe using the opportunity to showcase their work or even better encouraging them to teach or facilitate something to you instead for the Fun Palaces week! 

Get Involved

The Fun Palaces TV slots can be live-streamed with a moderator or pre-recorded before and will be shared online, with a programme with contributions across Scotland finalised just before the weekend. 

We know that many folks aren’t online so we will be inviting groups to also connect and involve local communities offline in COVID-safe ways as well - through creative windows, flat hallway messages, colourful bunting in parks and bus-stops, posted messages or even packages and phone calls. 

There are lots of ideas online (and see what’s already on the map here) and we’ll be sharing some more guidance and resources in the next few days. If you’d like to be included in the press-release, we have a first deadline Wednesday 23 September 2pm but there is a rolling deadline after that and you can still get involved (if there’s space!) on the official programme Thursday 1st October 2pm (and even then, unofficially afterwards during the weekend itself!)

If you’re interested in getting involved - even if you’re not sure how yet - you can find out more and register by: