Fines for overdue books have been abolished at Live Borders Libraries just in time for Christmas. The charity abolished the fines on December 1st and is hoping to see an increase in footfall as a result.

Live Borders aims to attract new members to all its libraries and encourage current members to return and start using their local library services again. Other library services throughout Scotland who have adopted a similar approach have seen an increase in both the number of members and library visits.

Lisa Denham, Connected and Creative Communities Manager at Live Borders said: “Library fines have been in existence since the very early days of libraries. Processing and administering fines can be time-consuming for staff - and fining library members for not returning books is a slightly antiquated approach.

“We are encouraging members of the public to return undamaged, overdue library items to their local libraries. There will be no charges to pay and we would be happy to reactivate any lapsed library memberships so that people can begin to use their local library again.”

Seaonal Cheer

Photo of Galashiels Library by Phil WilkinsonTo help spread more seasonal cheer, any library members with current or outstanding charges will have them removed. Members are instead being encouraged to make a donation to Live Borders or provide a food item which will be donated to local food banks in time for Christmas.

Lisa added: “Removing fines will be a permanent change and our aim is to ensure that our libraries are there for everyone. By removing this barrier it will help more people to discover their local library and achieve our charitable aims of keeping everyone healthier, happier and stronger in the Scottish Borders.”

*Photo of Galashiels Library by Phil Wilkinson