Scottish Public libraries are providing Distance Aware badges and lanyards as part of a new initiative designed to respect the space of others.

The Distance Aware Scheme offers everyone who would feel more comfortable when they have more room, the chance to wear an easily recognisable symbol to show others they need space and care.

The scheme was developed by the Bevan Commission and endorsed by the Scottish Government. The easily recognisable shield symbol can be worn by anyone who is worried about being in public places such as libraries, leisure centres and shops or in the workplace.  

The symbol can help those who would appreciate distance and consideration to feel more confident when going about their daily life. It is not designed to identify those who have been shielding or who are at higher risk.

Free lanyards and badges are now available for individuals to collect from public libraries throughout Scotland. People can also pick up a free badge from ASDA or order online through participating charities.

For more information on the Distance Aware Scheme the Scottish Government website