This week on the SLIC blog our Business Support Officer Louise Cooper talks about her first few months in her new role. Louise helps manage our School Library Improvement Fund which opens again on August 28th.


Since starting with SLIC three months ago I’ve spent some time travelling around the country meeting members of our school library community and SLIF key contacts. This has given me a unique opportunity to meet with people and develop an understanding of school library services across the country.

I have learned about many new and exciting ideas for SLIF projects, offering guidance and reassurance along the way as well as listening to worries and concerns. I don’t want to give any of your secrets away before the next round of funding opens, but to say I’m very eager to see what develops out of all the ideas I’ve heard would be a massive understatement.

Writing your SLIF Bid

The best tip when writing your SLIF bid is the planning of the project is the most important thing. Visualise your project, get excited about it and your natural enthusiasm will be evident in your form. Make sure that it’s achievable, innovative and good value for money. Plan it well and think through how you will overcome challenges. What links can you make outside your school and what lessons can you take to colleagues? Then think about the future – where can it go afterwards, how can it be sustained and what legacy will be left behind for future pupils to come.

Communication is Key

It has been great to develop the Basecamp Group for School Librarians to allow vital communication and networking. I am looking forward to watching the network grow - allowing us all to support each other in a way that hasn’t been possible before. Don’t be shy folks and use this network to your advantage. We have a fabulous opportunity to share ideas and good practice and break the isolation that is often associated with being a school librarian.

Between the strategy, the new version of How Good Is Our School Library, SLIF, the development of the Information Literacy Toolkit and development of the new librarian’s hub on GLOW, it’s a very exciting time for school libraries in Scotland. So, let’s embrace this opportunity and showcase all the amazing work taking place.

*If you are thinking about applying to SLIF you can always contact Louise to chat about your potential project. If you are a school librarian in Scotland and would like to join the Basecamp Group for School Libraries, you can also get in touch.