A new Zine initiative at City of Glasgow College Library has been boosted through funding from The Europe Challenge.
The Challenge brings together teams from libraries and communities across Europe, with successful projects receiving funding, face-to-face sessions and online workshops. The Scottish Library and Information Council has been a partner of the programme since it was launched to 2021.

Creating a Safe Creative Space

Through Challenge funding the City of Glasgow College library service has developed its health and wellbeing services, constructing a creative safe space as well as hosting zine sessions and events.

This has allowed the service to develop an authentic conversation with students, encouraging them to collect and curate zines. So far over 200 zines have been created by students as part of the library’s City Zine project with students enjoying sessions with The Glasgow Zine Library as well as poets and authors.   

A Welcoming Equitable Environment

Zines from Glasgow City CollegeCity of Glasgow Libraries Manager Penny Robertson said: “For the library service, being part of The Europe Challenge, has helped build towards the idea of the library as a creative safe space, where students are free to express their experiences and viewpoints.

“Our team are passionate about our libraries continuing to offer a welcoming equitable environment, where anyone can read others' views on a myriad of topics.” 

The City Zine project is the latest project the library service has undertaken which focuses on a user-friendly approach with previous initiatives including mindful journaling and an exhibition of imagery and mental health.