Local entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups in Dunfermline can now access professional workspace in their local library.

In February this year the Scottish Coworking Network opened a new collaborative Hub in Dunfermline Carnegie’s Library and Galleries in the centre of town. Offering desk space and modern amenities, as well as access to meeting rooms, the SCN Coworking Hub in Dunfermline has everything the self-starter needs.

For local people like Margaret Johnston it’s proving the ideal base to work in a contemporary and flexible way. Margaret, secondary English teacher, who works part-time for Christian organisation Landings UK, uses the Hub every week – allowing her to balance her work and home life perfectly.

Margaret explained: “I am used to being self-employed but my main job now is as the North Coordinator for Landings UK, which helps people who want to return to the Catholic Church.

“I started in June 2018 and work 15 hours a week. My job varies from day-to-day but it is essentially about communication and building up positive relationships. Working from home can be OK but it can also be isolating. I like a busy environment and I’m accustomed to people being around all the time. Being home alone can sometimes be too busy when our three sons are in or too empty when they're out. 

“It was my trusty husband Alan, who has always got his nose to the ground, who found out about the Scottish Coworking Network. He is always looking at ways to make my working life easier and it sounded perfect. I booked a tour and it didn’t take much to persuade me it was a great idea.”

Facilities & Benefits

The Scottish Coworking Network is funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by SLIC. It is the first network of its kind and aims to create a network of business hubs in underused spaces in Scotland’s public libraries.     

The Coworking Hub in Dunfermline has 14 fixed desks, five hot desks, a breakout area and refreshment room. Members can access desk space, online resources events and workshops as well as use any of the other SCN Hubs located throughout Scotland. Prices at the Hub start at £35 per month (plus VAT) for a hot desk and £50 per month (plus VAT) for a fixed desk, with unlimited access within library opening hours – which suits Margaret down to the ground.

She said: “I have a hot desk which suits me perfectly. I tend to work a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, working fairly long hours to fit in with the school day. I absolutely love it as it gives me the flexibility I need. 

“It’s a really nice room and there’s a little meeting room which offers a bit more privacy. It’s a good business environment but there’s other people around for atmosphere too. You also get an unrivaled view of the Abbey next door which is lovely.”

The coffee bar, located one floor down from the Hub, is another area of the library Margaret has used for catching up with friends or holding informal meetings. Being located in the Heritage Quarter of Dunfermline means it’s an easy commute too.

Margaret added: “It’s a good location because everything is within easy reach. There’s plenty of free parking nearby and I’m just five minutes from home. It really couldn’t be better.”

To find out more about the Scottish Coworking Network Dunfermline Hub and to book a tour, visit the SCN website.