On this week's blog, SLIC's Wikimedian in Residence talks about how you can get involved in our Wiki Loves Libraries competition.


Did you know that out of 489 public libraries in Scotland, only 15 have a page on Wikipedia? Many of our libraries have some unique collections as well as a long and rich history which deserves to be told. To help address this gap on Wikipedia, SLIC and their Wikimedian in Residence will be running a competition throughout October to get more pages created for notable libraries in Scotland. Sign up your library today to take part in Wiki Loves Libraries!


How do I know if my library is notable enough to be featured on Wikipedia?

By Wikipedia standards, a topic is deemed notable enough to have a standalone page on the encyclopaedia if it has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject.

Sources such as peer reviewed publications, university level textbooks, books from reputable publishers, mainstream newspapers/news websites, government websites, journals and magazines would be considered reputable sources. Primary sources should only be used occasionally and only to illustrate facts which are supported by a secondary source.

As a minimum, we would expect you to have at least 3 different sources highlighting three notable facts about a topic before we would consider the topic eligible for an article on Wikipedia.

If you’re unsure whether your library is notable enough to have an article created on Wikipedia or if you want to check that your sources are reliable sources, you can contact SLIC’s Wikimedian in Residence Delphine Dallison for advice at d.dallison@scottishlibraries.org.

What about conflict of interest?

To edit Wikipedia to the standards expected by the Wikimedia community, it is essential to always present a neutral point of view and represent the facts from a neutral perspective. For that reason, it is essential to avoid any conflict of interest (COI) editing and only carry good faith edits. Conflict of interest (COI) editing involves contributing to Wikipedia about yourself, family, friends, clients, employers, or your financial and other relationships. This also means that a librarian working at a library can’t edit the Wikipedia page for that library.

To avoid this conflict of interest, the Wiki Loves Libraries competition will be run as an inter-library exchange. Each library that signs up to take part will be paired up with another library and they will write each other’s articles to ensure good faith. The competition organisers will arrange the pairings to make it fair for everyone involved.

What if my library already has a page on Wikipedia, but it’s missing important  information?

Wikipedia is always a work in progress and no article can ever be deemed fully complete. If you think that the page for your library could be improved and you know that there are reliable sources available to do so, then you are welcome to sign up your library to take part.

What if I’ve never edited Wikipedia before? Can I still take part?

Editing Wikipedia does not need to be a daunting task and all beginners are welcome. All participants will be given full instructions well as support    and guidance from Delphine Dallison, the SLIC Wikimedian in Residence, throughout the competition. If you can edit a word document, you can edit Wikipedia… So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to contribute to the largest open knowledge encyclopaedia in the world!


How can my library take part?

To take part in the competition, first sign up for a Wikipedia account if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve signed up for your account, email   Delphine Dallison at d.dallison@scottishlibraries.org with the email header Wiki Loves Monuments. Please make sure to include in the email your name, your Wikipedia username, the name of the library that you represent and why you think that your library is notable enough to have a page on Wikipedia.

All libraries wishing to take part must sign up by the 9th October. Each participant will be sent full instructions on how to take part and the name of their   partner library on the 10th of October. All Wikipedia pages must be completed in Draft or in your Sandbox by the 31st October in order to be considered for the competition prize.

Is there a prize for the competition?

All final entries must be submitted by the 31st of October after which they will be judged by an independent panel of Wiki judges. Two prizes will be awarded, both in the form of Amazon vouchers of a value of £50. The winners of the competition will be announced at the beginning of November.