Desks and boxes at Troon Library

Part of Troon Library has been transformed into a brand new hub thanks to the Scottish Coworking Network.

What was once a dark office filled with desks and boxes is now a fresh, inviting work space exclusively available to Scottish Coworking Network members.

The new Scottish Coworking Network space at Troon Library

The Network aims to support entrepreneurs and new businesses, offering a mix of fixed and hot desk solutions in libraries throughout Scotland.

Members can pay for either a fixed desk, giving them a dedicated permanent workspace within the library, or opt for a hot desk as and when they require it. SCN Members also gain access to meeting rooms, professional development events, online resources and a support forum.

What SCN offers

The Troon Library area before the Coworking refurbishment

Developed by SLIC and the Scottish Government, the Scottish Coworking Network offers a dedicated space to meet up, work and collaborate. Memberships works on a monthly rolling basis, so members are free to try out the space without worrying about a long term commitment.

In just a few short weeks the Troon library coworking area has been completely refurbished. Now facilities include four fixed desks, four hot desks, a breakout area and refreshment facilities.

The new SCN desks at Troon LibraryEach fixed desk gives members their own dedicated space and set of lockable drawers. A hot desk can be booked at short notice, allowing members to work when it suits them best.

The Scottish Coworking Network project ties in well with the aims of Ambition & Opportunity – a national strategy for public libraries in Scotland 2015-2020 which reinforces the role public libraries play in supporting employability, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.

For more information on the Scottish Coworking Network, including booking a tour of the Troon facilities and how to join, visit