The SLIC Sessions logoAs part of our 30th anniversary celebrations we have introduced The SLIC Sessions, an annual series of professional themed events.

Four SLIC Sessions will take place every year covering a variety of different areas and topics of interest. Some sessions will target specific library sectors while others will be open to all SLIC members. The Sessions will give SLIC members the chance to hear about innovations and developments as well as the chance to network with fellow library professionals. 

The first Session takes place in August 2021 and covers Public Libraries & Film. 

Interested in attending? Registration for SLIC Sessions is announced via email and through our Basecamp forums to all relevant sectors eight weeks before each event. You can then follow the Eventbrite link to book your spot. If you have not yet received an email or joined our Basecamp forum/s please email us with your name, job title and email to let us know.