We provide a number of training and information resources for our members to help improve the quality of service provision and user experience.

Below, you will find a number of online sources and programmes to help improve your skills and knowledge, including self-assessment and evaluation tools to monitor your progress. These training resources may contribute to your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activity.

Training in New Technologies (TNT)

Training in New Technologies (TNT) is available via the Moodle virtual learning platform. TNT aims to improve the practical knowledge and skills of library staff in using new technology devices and web services, including mobiles, tablets, mp3 players, social networks and mobile apps. These training resources will improve the confidence of staff in using devices enabling them to promote digital library services and support library users.

The TNT project was funded by the Public Libraries Improvement Fund.

Training in New Technologies (TNT)

Bookmark Scotland

Bookmark Scotland explores all aspects of Scottish writing and publishing. The programme offers five interactive ‘chapters’: ‘Publishing’, ‘Writers, writing and awards’, ‘Scottish language and culture’, ‘Children and young people’ and ‘Events & promotions’. It includes two self-assessments to evaluate knowledge and is supported by a detailed resource appendix of support agencies and literary organisations.

Personal Learning Networks

Personal Learning Networks (PLN) was created by Perth College UHI through funding from the SLIC Innovation and Development Fund. PLN aims to assist library staff in using digital services and online networks to support ongoing professional development. It is a six hour unit which is suitable for use across library sectors.