SLIC has helped to establish a network of Reader Development Coordinators across Scotland’s 32 public library services. This initiative aimed to promote and support good practice at a national level.

Since implementation in 2002, SLIC has continued to support reader development through a range of activities and events.

Next steps

Heads of Service have formed a strategic group which will oversee the development of the strategy and identify priorities. Three age specific groups will focus on areas of Early Years (0-8), Young People (9-16) and Adult (16+). Each group has appointed a Chair (contact details below) and comprises a range of members from libraries across Scotland.
These groups will ensure that best practice is shared across the sector, libraries make the most of partnership and funding opportunities and that libraries in Scotland continue to support a love of books and reading for all.

Strategic Group for Early Years
Chair Helen Adair  –

Strategic Group for Young People
Chair Rebecca Gunn –

Strategic Group for Adults
Chair Liz Moffat –


Scottish Reading Strategy

In recognition of policy trends in libraries elsewhere in the UK and further afield, SLIC had a series of discussions with Scottish Government and related bodies regarding public library strategy in Scotland. As part of this process, the SLIC Board considered the key elements of a library ‘offer’ and identified support for reading as one of the most important elements of libraries work. The development of a Scottish Reading Strategy would ensure that we are continually supporting reading and literacy through quality programmes and opportunities for communities across the country.

SLIC commissioned a series of workshops to progress a reading strategy. The Get Scotland Reading workshops were held in December 2013 and were facilitated by The Reading Agency (TRA), who had worked closely with the Society of Chief Librarians (SCL) to develop a reading strategy for other parts of the UK.

Heads of Service formed a strategic group which supported the development of the strategy and identified priorities.
The Scottish Reading Strategy was launched in 2014 and is available below.

Libraries, Reading & Information for Young People

Following the results of the Reading Audit, two training sessions were held in Edinburgh and Glasgow for staff to come together to share ideas on how library staff can engage in more meaningful ways with young people.

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