7th February 2017 | News

The Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) and Carnegie UK Trust are currently looking for a supplier to undertake an important library research study. We are seeking tender proposals from suppliers who will scope out the current landscape, key issues, best practice and methods associated with measuring impact in libraries across the UK and internationally. The research is most likely to incorporate a mixture of desk-research and key stakeholder interviews.

This innovative research will help develop a new model for improving library impact measurement in Scotland. The overall aim is to support library services in demonstrating their use and impact in order to secure political support and funding. It will also contribute to the successful delivery of the National Strategy for Public Libraries in Scotland.

Measuring Impact – Project Aims

As well as exploring the methods currently used to measure library impact, the successful supplier will also investigate approaches used in other countries and sectors.

The project will have to outline standardised outcomes and measures for public libraries which link to the National Strategy for Public Libraries in Scotland, the Scottish Government’s National Outcomes and local authority Single Outcome Agreements.


Knowledge of the public sector and experience of working with the public sector is crucial. Suppliers will also have to demonstrate experience of carrying out comparable research projects and have a clear understanding of government and national policy directives.

Tender proposals should include an understanding of the objectives, an overall design and proposed methodology, details of outputs and a proposed timetable.

The deadline for tender invitations is 5pm on Monday March 6th. For a copy of the full tender document please email applications@scottishlibraries.org




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