Film Education in Libraries Project

In partnership with the Scottish Libraries Information Council (SLIC), Creative Scotland (CS) will support the development of a small number of pilot initiatives (c.3-6 examples) to develop creative film learning in libraries in Scotland, in pursuit of CS’s film strategy (2014-17) and the national strategy for public libraries in Scotland (2015-20). CS will devolve funds (£190k) to SLIC to manage the project, which will test key development approaches with a small number of library services among SLIC’s members. Additional national partners who have expressed strong interest include the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive (MIA).

Key priorities within Creative Scotland’s film strategy (2014-17) are to position film ‘at the heart of creative, artistic, cultural, social and economic development’, to ‘develop film learning provision for those outside of the 5-19 years age range’ and to ‘work with partners to develop a more comprehensive provision of film and moving image education across Scotland’. CS’s wider ambitions include improving health and wellbeing, raising awareness of the value of involvement in artistic and creative activity, and helping communities transform through creativity. This project will make a significant contribution to overtaking these aims. CS is already supporting the 5-19 film education programme (in partnership with BFI et al), so this programme will target age ranges and communities not currently served by the 5-19 programme.

One of six strategic aims within Ambition and Opportunity, the new national strategy for public libraries in Scotland (2015-20), is for ‘libraries in Scotland to promote their role as cultural centres, inspiring people through books and literature, music, film and theatre, and encourage creativity.’ This project aims to develop, pilot and evaluate some of the means by which libraries can achieve this aim with regard to film, in order to guide such developments more widely in the longer term.

One aspiration within this proposal is the promotion of creative learning and public engagement with archive film, which is increasingly important for the National Library’s MIA. In summer 2016 the MIA will move to Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall, which will make it more accessible and visible. The National Library’s new strategy ‘The Way Forward’ aims to ‘…design and deliver public engagement programmes that will educate, entertain and inspire the communities of Scotland.’ We hope that this project may help to advance this aim in partnership with the MIA.

What is Film Education anyway?

During 2014-15, Creative Scotland participated in a Europe-wide project involving 20 countries, led by the British Film Institute, to develop a film education framework, which sought to identify its key elements. You can download the framework here.

Project activities

SLIC invited library services to apply for funds to support the development and promotion of film education and creative film learning.

The film project was formally launched on the 18th March 2016 by the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop at Bo’ness Library.

SLIC appointed a Film Education Manager in April 2016, whom is currently working with each of the successful library services on their projects.