20th September 2016 |

In August 2016 SLIC was awarded funding by Scotland’s Digital Xtra fund to deliver a series of innovative coding clubs.

The Council is now organising the comprehensive training of library staff with the help of Code Club Scotland.

The Code Clubs will last for 12 weeks – encouraging 9-11-year-olds to develop their computing science-related skills. Open to all 32 of Scotland’s library services, the project gives children throughout the country the chance to have fun and learn the basics of coding at the same time.

Digital Xtra was launched in May 2016 and is funded by the Scottish Government Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership. Only 12 projects throughout Scotland were successful, sharing £250,000 worth of funding.

The fund is administered by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and developed in partnership by SDS, ScotlandIS, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Education Scotland.

Claire Gillespie, key sector manager for ICT and digital skills at Skills Development Scotland, said: “Our young people are avid consumers of technology but it’s important that we inspire them to take computing science seriously and have the chance to become the next generation of digital makers.

“Hands on extracurricular activities are an excellent way to get young people excited about digital technology and the difference people can make when they have specialist skills. Every single young person in Scotland should have access to activities of this kind and this joined up approach to funding is an important step towards achieving that goal.”

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