The Advisory Group

The National Strategy for Public Libraries Advisory Group was formed soon after the introdution of Ambition & Opportunity. It consists of a combination of Strategic Leads and key stakeholders who meet regularly to discuss the continuing progress of the public library strategy and plan for the future.

The Six Strategic Aims
Public libraries in Scotland promote education and learning for all, develop a culture of reading for pleasure, offer support for everyone from early years to older people and enable people to make informed choices.



  • Ensure access to library services for all citizens using new technology
  • Develop and promote the core offer from public libraries in Scotland


Strategic Lead: Judy Dobbie, Head of Library and information Services at Dundee Leisure & Culture


Public libraries in Scotland make best use of digital technologies to deliver high quality, efficient and responsive services, enabling access to information and services wherever and whenever citizens want them.


  • Develop Scotland-wide digital access resources
  • Ensure WiFi is available and accessible in all public libraries


Strategic Lead: Russell Brown, Digital and Support Services Manager, Culture NL

Public libraries in Scotland contribute to Scotland's economic wellbeing, supporting jobseekers, offering courses in digital skills, language courses, and support for small businesses.


  • Develop national, regional and local partnerships with advice services, job centres and enterprise organisations
  • Mainstream activities to improve STEM skills in young children
  • Test and replicate a model of public libraries providing co-working spaces for small businesses


Strategic Lead: Andrew Olney, Head of Communities & Libraries, Glasgow Life

Public libraries in Scotland contribute to social wellbeing, tackling social isolation, inequality, disadvantage, fractured communities and ill health.


  • Create strong national, regional and local partnerships with all public services and community planning partners
  • Share best practice on how to create effective and accessible public service or community hubs
  • Bulid on current practice to become champions of community engagement and empowerment


Strategic Lead: Alana Ward, Libraries Museum & Archives Manager, Inverclyde Council

Public libraries in Scotland promote their role as cultural centres, inspiring people through books and literature, music, film and theature, and encourage creativity.


  • Develope and strengthen national, regional and local partnerships with arts and culture organisations
  • Pilot a collaborative venture to provide access to eBooks from Scottish publishers
  • Support librarians to become effective voices for freedom of information and expression


Strategic Lead: Jane Milne, Customer Services Manager, Midlothian Council

Public libraries must be supported to continuously improve their services. 


  • Continue to develop methods for reporting on the impact and outcomes of library activities through How Good is our Public Library Service?
  • Develop and implement a learning and development programme for all library staff
  • Explore alternative approaches to generating financial investment
  • Engage proactively with models for efficient procurement of good and services at national level.


Strategic Lead: Rhona Arthur, Senior Manager (information & Culture), North Ayrshire Council