The Progress of Scotland's Public Library Strategy

Since the launch of Scotland's first public library strategy over 2.3 million has been invested in our public libraries, bringing a positive focus and energy to the library community. Moreover, it has enabled key partners and stakeholders to engage with the library sector to support its goals.

These achievements were highlighted at a special event in September 2016, where Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs, gave a keynote speech focusing on the progress which has been made. 

SLIC’s brochure Realising Ambition & Opportunity and the accompanying poster celebrates the strategy’s successful first year. Both outline some of the key projects and investments made during the initial 12 months of the strategy. In a digital age our public libraries are demonstrating tremendous strength and resilience, proving they have a key part to play in Scotland’s economic, political, social and cultural life.

If you would like hard copy of our Realising Ambition & Opportunity brochure or accompanying poster please get in touch.